Below is a brief description of the whole process of ordering and getting your logo design. However, the same processes are applicable to other services, maybe with a little difference in the creative brief. If you have any questions in your mind, please feel free to contact us at anytime!


First, you choose your logo design package from our collection in the Services page and you complete your creative brief and choose additional services (if you like). A simple registration process is involved before you can choose and order any package. Though it is completely free (no strings attached whatsoever).


Then, you pay for the service on secure Paypal servers via your Paypal account or credit cards (if your service is a FREE one, skip this as you won't have to have a credit card or a Paypal account). Please note that you won't have to have a Paypal account if you are going to pay with your credit card. All payments are sent to our Verified Premiere account at Paypal.


We will get back to you via your contact Email (which you entered in your creative brief) for more information (if we need any more than you provided in your creative brief form) or will start your project immediately after you get your order. This will only take us less than 48 hours (usually within the first few hours though).


You get your drafts from us, approve them or have us take another look at it and revise (depending on your chosen service this can be done one or more times). The number of your initial drafts also depends on the package you have selected.


DONE! Once you are satisfied with how we are representing your business, we are done. We will email you the files (or create download links if the files are huge). Please refer to Privacy Policy to know how long we will preserve your files on our servers. On the target page, you will find the information under "loss of data".