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Your Deluxe Logo


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Product Description

With our Deluxe (advanced) logo design for your business, website, etc., you will be making an excellent first impression on your first-comer clients (whether digital or printed). We recommend that you use our Deluxe logo design service to start and retain personalizing your business for a lifetime (even more)!


What your package includes


Your unique logo

We will deliver 5 initial concepts each unique and original from the other 4 in only 4 business days. After you have received them, you will contact us telling us which one you would like us to work further on. After we are done presenting you with unlimited revisions each taking only 1 business day, (at some point you will like your new logo) we will deliver to you your original logo with edible Adobe PSD and AI (also EPS) formats so that you can edit them by yourself also. A Grayscale logo will also be delivered with your colored logo.


Your business card (optional)

Your package doesn’t include a business card design in itself. However, in your order process, you can order it  with unlimited revisions. This is for your lifetime business support as far as you are using our logo design as your business brander. Let us give you an example to clarify: After you get the final files for the designed logo for your package, and after sometime has passed, you will need another business card to get printed for your business and only maybe you will feel like another kind of business card to go with. This is what you will need, (i.e. unlimited revisions) and we will be happy to get you that.


Your brochure (optional)

A brochure is like a flyer that you give your clients which will introduce them to your business, your goals and so on with a beautifully compact printed page. We design that page (or pages) for you so that you can get them printed anywhere you want. Brochure doesn’t include unlimited revisions; however, after we have designed your first brochure draft, you will be able to let us know what changes you would like included before you get the final files. This limitation is because our designer (who is assigned to your project) will automatically design a brochure which best fits your logo. So, there is, basically, no need for revisions.


Your stationery (envelope and letterhead) (optional)

Your stationery is your way of beautifully contacting your clients, business partners, … Your package doesn’t include designs for your stationery; however, you may include it in your order with unlimited revisions (lifetime support) as you have for your business card. The same story goes for this.



When you will get your designs

Your logo:Your logo will be delivered based on your package timelines as follows: Initial concepts will be delivered in 4 business days. You will then choose one of them as your new logo or you will choose it for us to work further on. Each revision takes no more than one business day. And after 24 hours of your final approval you will have your design of logo in your hands. Amazingly enough, all this means that you can get your logo in less than 4 business days.

Additional services (optional): We will start designing your business card, stationery and brochure as soon as you approve your logo. It will take no more than 7 business days for us to complete your package for you after you approve your logo. Nice, right?

Additional Information

Number Of Revisions

Unlimited (lifetime support)

First Drafts Delivered In

4 Business Days

Grayscale Format


File Formats


Logo Concepts Number

5 to choose from (or to work further upon)

Stationery Included

Yes (FREE) – unlimited redraw counts